Stonehaven Half Marathon Information 


We meet again in Mineralwell Park for the Stonehaven Half Marathon, the nineteenth running of the race and the fourth using the current course. It also happens to be the 4th of July, the two hundred and twenty eighth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence by the United States of America. So we extend a special welcome to all those who hail from across the Pond and trust you have a great day whether you are running yourself or have come along to support your family and friends.

Whether you are one of our valued regular competitors or are tackling one of the races for the first time, we trust that your training and preparations have gone well. Perhaps the Stonehaven races fit into your annual race schedule or you just fancy an outing around the scenic and challenging routes on offer. Scotland is a great place for runners and throughout the year running events are staged for both the serious competitor and the occasional racer. there really is no 'closed season' as such. Races of all types and lengths are organised in every corner of the land and most have special and often unique features that make them so memorable - be it the muddy pathway round one our fairy tale castles of the panoramic vista from the top of Hollyrood Park.

Please take a few minutes to read through these guidelines as they contains important and useful information that will help make your day a safe and enjoyable one and of course, whatever level or degree of competitiveness you aspire to, enjoy your running and especially enjoy our race.

We welcome everyone to Stonehaven and trust that those of you running achieve your targets. For those of you spectating, please support all the runners with loud cheers and plenty of applause to encourage them on their way.

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We hope that you will find the event to be well organised and of course - enjoyable.  The information contained within this guide has been compiled by the Race Organisers - Stonehaven Half Marathon Committee and is designed to provide you with all the information you may need to ensure that your day is a memorable one.  Please read it carefully and should you have any problems or would like to make comment about your experience during the day, do not hesitate to contact the Registration Desk located in the McRobert Pavilion, Mineralwell Park, or email us at

Important Scottish Athletic Federation Rules
Races Number
Car Parking
Registration and Entry on the Day
The Start
The Route
First Aid Stations
Water Stations
The Finish
Prize Presentations
Where to get the Results

Here are some DO's and DON'Ts to assist with your preparations for the race:



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Both the Half Marathon and the Lairhillock Inn3k Fun Run are in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the sports’ governing body – Scottish Athletic Limited.  SAL have issued the Race Organisers with a permit to hold the races which under the Term and Conditions stipulate that:


Anyone under 11 years old will be able to compete in the 1K Fun Run which is open to any age group.

It is essential that the Race Organisers abide by these age requirements in order that the appropriate insurances are not compromised.  


Remember to bring your running number and safety pins with you on the day of the race.  Your number should be securely fastened to the FRONT of your T-shirt or singlet so that it is clearly visible.  Do not tamper or deface it in any way and remember you will require your race number for free entry to the Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool.  Failure to wear your number will mean you will be unable to run officially in our event.

If you are entered for the race but on the day are unable to run, please do not give your number to anyone else as this causes problems for our results team.  

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There will be limited car parking for the runners so please walk to the start if you can.

If not, car parking is available in the Leisure Centre/Open Air Swimming Pool car park and on the Promenade, the Market Square and other designated street/road parking locations.  Please observe all local parking restrictions and do not attempt to enter the access road into Mineralwell Park from David Street as this road will be closed to vehicular traffic between 10.30 am and 1.30 pm.


Access on foot is by means of the footbridge over Cowie Water from Baird Park/Cowie Mill and the other footpaths around Mineralwell Park.  Limited foot access will be available along the Mineralwell Park access road leading off David Street when runners are out on the course.  


For runners entering either the Half Marathon or the Lairhillock Inn 3K Fun Run who have not received their running number or are entering on the day, registration will take place at the Registration Desk located in the McRobert Pavilion, Mineralwell Park, between 09.00 am and 10.30 am.  Children aged 10 years and under may enter the Junior 1K Fun Run and registration should be made at the designated registration desk on race day. Entry for this race is free of charge.

Entrants for the half marathon and 3k races will receive a voucher for free entry to the Stonehaven Open Air swimming pool, valid for race day only.

In order to assist the smooth running of the event; please attend the Registration Desk as early as possible.  

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If you require to change into your running kit before the race, please report to the McRobert Pavilion, Mineralwell Park, where suitable facilities will be available.  Alternatively, for a small fee facilities will also be available at the Stonehaven Leisure Centre located on the seaside of David Street.


Baggage may be left at the owners risk in designated locations in the McRobert Pavilion.  Baggage must be clearly labeled with the owners running number.  


One of the busiest areas before any running event is the toilet area.  Toilet facilities are located within the McRobert Pavilion, and the Stonehaven Leisure Centre.  Although there are adequate facilities, there will inevitably be some queuing.  Please be patient.  You should arrive well before the start of the race.  

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Half Marathon runners should make their way to the Start Line on the Mineralwell Park access road by 11.00 am.  Your position on the starting line will be marked in finishing time bands.  Please go to the section marked with your estimated finishing time.  This, as you can appreciate, is the safest method as it avoids runners being pushed and tripped by people trying to get past during the first part of the race.

At 11.05 am the Start Marshall will give the runners a final briefing and ask Half Marathon Runners to move slowly up to the Start Line.  This phase will be tightly controlled and we would ask you to follow the instruction of the Race Officials.

The Half Marathon will start by the sounding of a horn at 11.15 am precisely.  You must take great care when the horn sounds.  The Start area is quite narrow and with hundreds of competitors, it is easy to trip and bring down other runners.  Remember, you have 13.1 miles in which to perfect your overtaking!  Please take care at the start when running over the speed bumps.

  The Lairhillock Inn 3K Fun Run will be started using the same procedure.  Competitors should make their way to the Start Line on the Mineralwell Park access road after the Half Marathon has been started.  The 3K Fun Run will start by the sounding of a horn at 11.25 am precisely.

  The Stonehaven Engineering 1K Fun Run will start once the 3K Fun Runners are under way.  Children entering this race should gather at the Start Line located adjacent to the Half Marathon Finish Area.  Look for the Flag Pole and marked track.  The Start Marshal will then brief the competitors and the race will be started by the sounding of a horn immediately following the 3k start  

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The Half Marathon route is the same as that used in 2002.

Route maps will be displayed at Race Headquarters.

The whole route is on good tarmac roads except at the Finish where you run on grass.  The route is well sign posted with accurate mile markers and directional arrows.  Corners and changes of road lane will be clearly marked by Police, civilian marshals, barriers and signs.  Runners MUST run on the LEFT of the road or on the pavement unless instructed to do otherwise.  The cutting of corners and failing to follow the direction of marshals is not permissible.  Course marshals have been instructed to note the registration number of runners doing so and these runners will not receive the race memento.

The Half Marathon is predominately a rural route, passing close to the centre of Stonehaven then heading west out of the town and into the countryside.  Just after the half way point, the route takes a change in direction returning to Stonehaven and the Finish.  The route distance is certified as accurate and is classified as hilly, thus providing an interesting and challenging event.


First Aid will be available at water stations, clearly signposted in advance.  There is also a First Aid Station at the Finish and a further mobile Scottish Ambulance Service medical unit on immediate notice to attend any location on the route should it be required.  Any problems you have will be dealt with at these points.

If you cannot go on, wait for the sweep-up vehicle which will transport you to the Finish area.


There will be 5 Water Stations along the route that will be well signposted before you get to them.  The water stations will be manned and bottled water will be available.  Runners should take water at all the stations but when doing so, do not obstruct other runners.  When you have taken sufficient water, please discard the bottle on the verge where it will be gathered up for disposal.  To assist recovery of bottles, runners are requested to discard bottles within a quarter mile of the supplying station or carry them on to the next one.

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The final part of the Half Marathon route descends Belmont Brae with a sharp left turn onto the Mineralwell Park access road.  300 metres along the road runners will be directed left onto the grassed sports field.  The Finish Line will then be clearly visible ahead.  Once over the Finish Line, stay in order of finishing as you make your way along the finishing lane.  Remember to keep moving as there will be other runners behind you.  During your short journey along the finishing lane, your registration number will be recorded and you will receive your race memento and goody bag.  A little further along you will exit the finishing lane and find another water station and medical station.

After the formalities, you should make your way to the McRobert Pavilion where you can make use of the changing facilities and collect your baggage.

Access to the Finish Site will be restricted to competitors, officials and marshals.  Please make arrangements to meet friends and relations after the formalities have been completed.  Once competitors have left the finishing site they will not be re-admitted.  

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Presentation of prizes for the Lairhillock Inn 3k Fun Run will be made at 12.05 pm in the McRobert Pavilion and will cover the following categories:  

Lairhillock Inn 3k Fun Run

1st Male
1st 3 Males 11/12 yrs
1st 3 Males 13/14 yrs
1st 3 Males 15/16 yrs

1st Female
1st 3 Females 11/12 yrs
1st 3 Females 13/14 yrs
1st 3 Females 15/16 yrs  

Presentation of prizes for the Half Marathon will be made at 2.00 pm outside the McRobert Pavilion and will cover the following categories: -

Half Marathon

1st 5 Males
1st Local Male
1st Male 35-39 yrs
1st Male 40-44 yrs
1st Male 45-49 yrs
1st Male 50-54 yrs
1st Male 55+ yrs  

1st 5 Females
1st Local Female
1st Female 35-39 yrs
1st Female 40-44 yrs
1st Female 45-49 yrs
1st Female 50-54 yrs
1st Female 55+ yrs

Maximum one prize per entrant (except 1st local male and female)

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Results for both races will be made available as soon as possible and will be displayed at both the McRobert Pavilion and at the Stonehaven Leisure Centre.  Copies of the results will also be given to local press officials.  For those with access to the Internet, full results will be appear on the website soon after the race.

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